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 Men's Bible Breakfast      

May 4th, 9am

         Sewin' Sew             

May 6 @1pm

Women's Bible Study      

May 18, 2019 10am

Friend for Fun

Thursday May 23, 2019@12:00pm

Good Friday Service

April 19,2019@7pm

Palm Sunday Potluck

April 14th,2019 after late Service

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At Christ Lutheran Church when a member is in sixth grade, they start Confirmation classes, a two to three-year study that helps these young people:
- personally confess Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and take personal ownership in declaring, by the power of the Holy Spirit, of their own allegiance to Christ.;
- explore the awesomeness of God and the mysteries of faith
- identify themselves as members, as a unique and special part of the body of Christ, as Lutheran and members of the congregation
- solidify their understanding of the bible and its themes of salvation by grace through faith, the calling of the people of God, the life of Christ and culmination of history in the end times.
- attain a basic knowledge of the six chief parts of Luther's Small Catechism
- become grounded in scriptural teaching through memorization of key biblical texts, Luther's small Catechism, hymns and prayers
- grow in knowledge of the unique history of the Lutheran reformation

Basic Skills Taught:
- Bible Study: learning to read God's word for understanding in a personal devotional life and in group study with other Christians
- Prayer: learning to pray for the needs of others, for personal needs and for the mission of the church
- Worship: learning how God blesses his people through the divine worship service and how they can express praise and thanks to the Lord through a variety of worship forms, including the historic liturgy of the church, learning to make profession of faith with fellow believers, to listen to the exposition of God's word and to comprehend and apply it to daily living.
- Witness: learning to express the gospel of Christ in a winsome and meaningful way and to share what God in Christ has done for them.
- Service: learning to recognize the needs and hurts of those in the world around them and to be part of helping, healing service
- Community: learning to relate to other Christians as students, friends, caregivers and teachers
- Family Living: learning to be a representative of Christ in the roles of youth, sibling and possible future spouse..and
- Leadership: learning to use their God-given gifts and abilities in a manner that strengthens the mission outreach of the church.

At the conclusion of confirmation instruction, these young people will make a public profession of their faith during a church service. The rite of confirmation is a time of celebration for the congregation as it receives the confession of these young people and affirms and encourages them in the continuation of their faith journey. In addition, after completion of confirmation instruction, these young people will begin the Sacrament of communion.

8:00am Sunday Service

9:15am Child Sunday School

9:30am Adult Sunday School

10:30am Sunday Service

Holy Communion is celebrated in Early Service the 1st & 3rd Sunday and Late Service the 2nd & 4th Sunday of the month. No communion on fifth Sunday.

Easter Breakfast 

April 21,2019


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Easter Egg Hunt

April 14, 2019

after Late Service

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