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  Fellowship Opportunities

 Men's Bible Breakfast      

May 4th, 9am

         Sewin' Sew             

May 6 @1pm

Women's Bible Study      

May 18, 2019 10am

Friend for Fun

Thursday May 23, 2019@12:00pm

Good Friday Service

April 19,2019@7pm

Palm Sunday Potluck

April 14th,2019 after late Service

Come, Everyone is Welcome!


Our Affiliation
* Christ Lutheran Church is a member of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, meaning our congregation is united in an association of Christian fellowship called a "synod", which means "walking together." The Lutheran Church Missouri synod is a family of 2.6 million Christians, gathered in more than 6,000 congregations throughout the United States. Our church body was founded more than 150 years ago by a small band of immigrants in America who were dedicated to preaching and teaching the Gospel of the forgiveness of sins through Christ alone. Many of the founders of our synod were from Missouri, hence the word Missouri in the church's name.

By God's blessing, the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod is committed to being strongly in the Word, Christ-centered and people-sensitive, reaching out boldly with the Gospel, faithful in the Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions and marked by peace and unity in the Lord.

The name Lutheran derives from Martin Luther, the great Christian Reformer of the 16th century, who boldly proclaimed the bible's most important message: that Christ came into the world to save sinners, and lived among us to defeat our enemies - sin, death and the devil. Luther believed and taught that Jesus' sacrificial death on the cross washed away the sins of the whole world and that those who place their trust in Him are forgiven. Luther began his teachings in 1517 and in 1580, the official statements of Lutheran belief were gather together in what is known as the Book of Concord. The LCMS places great value in retaining and advancing the cause of the Lutheran Reformation and we see in this movement the hand of God working to preserve the truth of His Word and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

* Copied with permission by the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.

8:00am Sunday Service

9:15am Child Sunday School

9:30am Adult Sunday School

10:30am Sunday Service

Holy Communion is celebrated in Early Service the 1st & 3rd Sunday and Late Service the 2nd & 4th Sunday of the month. No communion on fifth Sunday.

Easter Breakfast 

April 21,2019


Join Us!


Easter Egg Hunt

April 14, 2019

after Late Service

 Come  Join Us!

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